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Take Flight
Dyslexia Therapist Program
Jill Zonnefeld 

Certified Academic Language Therapist

Northern Colorado

Proven results documented by standardized tests such as DIBELS, STAR, and Maps reading


4th grade student

Mrs. Zonnefeld has really helped me with reading and spelling. And she is always there when I need her.

Mother of a 2nd grader

Jill is a wonderful tutor - she is professional and knows a lot yet she's also so personable and kind.  I'm very thankful we found her to help my son as he's finally enjoying reading!

Mother of two students

The Take Flight program helped both of our daughters make huge improvements in reading. Mrs. Zonnefeld is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her for anyone who has a kiddo that could use extra help.

Winter Scenery

Jill Zonnefeld, M.S.


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After exploring several reading programs while working in the public school system, I found that Take Flight is a powerful curriculum specifically written for students with Dyslexia.  It was developed to enable students to achieve and maintain better word recognition, reading fluency, comprehension and aid in the transition from a therapy setting to "real world" learning. The Take Flight curriculum contains the five components of effective reading instruction supported by the National Reading Panel.

The Take Flight curriculum is a comprehensive intervention that builds on the success of three previous dyslexia intervention programs developed by the staff of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRH): Alphabetic Phonics, the Dyslexia  Training  Program and TSRH  Literacy Program

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